Ande Ande Lumut

In a village there is a knight named Ande Ande Lumut. At that time he was looking for a girl to be appointed as his wife. He was handsome, smart, wise, has a good attitude. Therefore, many village girls speculate to be his wife. They propose Ande Ande Lumut as her husband. However, there are noone deserved to be his wife. In another village there are three sisters who also wanted to apply Ande Ande Lumut. they are Klenting Abang, Klenting Ungu and Klenting Kuning.

The first attempt was done by Klenting Abang. She walked to the Knight's residence. When arriving to a wide and deep river, with a large water flows, Klenting Abang receive an offer from a ferryman called Yuyu Kangkang to help her cross the river. For his offering, Yuyu Kangkang asked some price to Klenting Abang. He wanted to bite and suck some small amount of Klenting Abang's blood. Without any further thinking, Klenting Abang agreed. When she arrived at the knight's place, Ande-ande Lumut rejected her proposal. He did not want to marry a girl who is easy to sacrifice her virginity. Then, Klenting Abang went home with a disappointed heart.

Next turn was Klenting Ungu. She also agreed on Yuyu Kangkang's request. Ande-ande Lumut also rejected her proposal. Furthermore, the last turn was Klenting Kuning. Not the same with her sisters, Klenting Kuning refused Yuyu Kangkang's willingness. In fact, Klenting Kuning fight back and eventually got rid of Yuyu Kangkang. She did not want to sacrifice her virginity. When she arrived at Ande-ande Lumut's place and proposed him, Ande-ande Lumut was willing to accept Klenting Kuning's proposal. (as any other folklore....:) They got married and lived happily ever after.....


When I was in primary school, I played this story with my friends in front of the class :) The story of Ande-ande Lumut and Klenting Kuning provide an overview, the value of the virginity for the people of East Java - in particular - and the people of Indonesia - in general - regarded as an important principle when they would begin a marriage. Until now, there are still many Indonesian people who hold to this principle. Here I am not going to do a judgement (toward this value and the opposite one). I only give some picture of the Indonesian tradition, further judgement is up to you :)

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