Saronde Island is a beautiful uninhabited small island, white sand beach also exotic rocky beach. Saronde island has 1 km (a half miles) long beach. North to the west coast consists of white sand, the south to the east filled with rock neatly arranged and surrounded by beautiful coral reefs.

In Saronde Island, tourists can enjoy natural scenery and the beautiful sea with white sand, swimming, boating, snorkeling and diving. Another beauty on the Saronde island is sunrise and sunset scenery. There you can play volleyball beach, beach soccer, or camping.

Local residents have an annual event called Saronde Festival. One of the show is ketinting (small boat) race around some islands near Saronde. Another event is Tourism Miss Contest, Beach Boy Contest, Signal Hunting, and beach sports. At this event there are a lot of entertainment and the sale of Gorontalo's traditional food.

The Saronde island is a cluster of Ponelo islands (Ponelo village), district Kwandang, North Gorontalo regency.
The nearest airport is Jalaludin airport in Gorontalo city. The airport serving the route Manado, Makassar, Palu, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Bandung and Jakarta.
The journey continues to the Port Kwandang, an hour's drive (65 km/40 miles) from Gorontalo city by car. If you ride public transportation, take public transportation routes to Kwandang cost per person IDR 15.000.
Towards Saronde island, you take "Saronde Taxi" (locals: ketinting), a small boat, which cost approximately IDR 200.000 (price negotiable). After traveling for 60 minutes, 12 miles, you've reached the destination.

On the Saronde island there are a few Cottage for rent IDR 150.000, - per night, If you want to enjoy the natural atmosphere, you can camp on the Saronde island. Of course, don't forget to bring enough water and food supplies.
If you want a more adequate lodging, you can find some accommodation or small hotels in Kwandang or Gorontalo.


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